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Our Services

Khalid Al-Balwi Company offers a diverse range of services that meet the needs and requirements of various institutions and organizations support their plans to achieve sustainability and growth, and help improve their performance and increase their work efficiency. Our services include:
Khalid Al-Balwi Company analyzes the internal and external environment of institutions and studies all their approaches and procedures, then evaluates them to identify opportunities that can be seized and risks that may affect their performance, and then, provide solutions to address or improve their systems and policies.
Analyzing the current situation of the set plans and identifying gaps, then building and developing a systematic strategy and a well-thought-out operational plan to achieve balanced performance and create a competitive advantage. Following such a strategy enables the company to create channels for communication with the public, and develop new powerful relationships.
Khalid Al-Balwi Company provides the necessary expertise to help institutions identify the governance model, methodologies, and standards that add value to them to enhance management performance and identify the roles and responsibilities of employees.
Our company sets a plan to identify the procedures of shortlisting, recruitment, and use of human resources management systems, then develops an advanced organizational structure with a clear, comprehensive job description to obtain a sound organization and improve human resources management level in institutions.
This service is divided into two parts: organizational and financial restructuring of a company or institution. The company analyzes the current situation of the institution or the company in question, builds an alternative organizational structure and develops a functional structure based on the internal skills and capabilities of its employees. Afterwards, our team develops a financial strategy of the institution, builds an investment policy, and finally sets standards for measuring performance regularly.
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