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About Us

Khalid Al-Balwi is a Saudi company for consultancy and administrative solutions. The company adopts futuristic visions to provide innovative solutions using scientific methods and intelligent work mechanisms to enhance public and private organisations and companies and improve their performance. Khalid Al-Balwi Company has gained extensive professional experience in administrative and strategic planning that granted us our clients’ trust.
Our company has a team of the most skilled consultants. We follow an integrated and comprehensive approach in providing consulting services to various businesses to provide the best experience for clients and exceed their expectations. Our mechanisms rely mainly on diagnosing and analyzing all elements and components of institutional work to closely identify existing gaps, overcome them, as well as identify potential opportunities and benefit from them.


To maintain the level of trust entrusted to us by our clients, Khalid Al-Balwi Company seeks to continue using work mechanisms and strategies that contribute to encouraging institutions and individuals to seize every possible opportunity and use it in the best possible way to achieve growth, development, and build new success stories.


Khalid Al-Balwi Company continues to provide its consulting services, innovative solutions and strategic plans with renewed passion and enthusiasm to serve its customers and turn their path into a more brilliant, successful, and powerful one.
The values and principles adopted by our company are the cornerstones of providing a healthy and safe work environment for employees and clients. These values help define the company’s vision and achieve its goals as well as help identify and prioritize the plans that must be followed to achieve the desired results. Our values include:






Social responsibility

The professional capabilities of our company’s team are manifested through its superior ability to develop a well-thought-out strategic plan ensuring the highest standards of services in light of the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision. Our goals include:

Expanding the scope of work by achieving local and regional expansion.

Achieving leadership in management consulting.

Providing distinguished and high-quality consulting services to customers.

Applying the best global practices in management consulting and harnessing them to serve our clients’ interests.

Developing new and effective work methodologies to improve the performance of institutions, companies, and individuals.

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